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Getting around - Holidays in Dakar: Some Practical Information

Holidays in Dakar: Some Practical Information

Holidays are coming soon. Have you already visited Dakar? Well, if you want a change of scenery and want to enjoy the African environment, we suggest you take a trip to the Senegalese capital. But first, you should receive some information related to the tourist outing on Dakar. Going to Dakar, what are the reasons that can drive? Apart from being the capital of Senegal, a vast country located in the west of the African continent, Dakar constitutes the chief town of the area that bears the name. For some time now, Dakar has been an indispensable cultural and administrative centre. Further afield, the city of Dakar is home to the headquarters of the Francophone Institute of Black Africa, but also the central bank of all ECOWAS member countries. In Dakar, you will find a tropical...