What are the economic and social benefits of tourism

The tourism sector, although it has this entertainment aspect, it is a source of income for the local economy, but also for the local population. Even for the tourist actors, they have their benefits in the visits.
Indeed, tourism, thanks to the multiple tourist activities on both sides, brings enormous wealth to the society. This wealth extends both economically and socially. However, this wealth is labour intensive. Let us discover together the economic and social benefits of tourism.

The economic benefits of tourism

The economy is a sector that links with several other areas. Generating more income comes through activities. So, when we take the tourism sector of a country, the economy explodes because of the tourism activities that bring in money. Thus, the economic benefits of tourism amount to several things such as
- Job creation: Thanks to tourism, several jobs are created such as tourist jobs (tourist guide, hotel staff, bus service, catering service...);
- The creation of tourist enterprises: these are the enterprises involved in tourist visits. They source local goods and products for trade. There is then the transport sector (cruise ships, taxis), the real estate sector (accommodation services), the culinary sector (restaurants, bars...);

The social benefits of tourism

Tourism has huge impacts on society too. It is not only the economic benefits. The social ones are admirable. Indeed, through tourism, society enjoys discovering its history, as well as their cultural heritage and it gathers development means for their own community identity. Also, tourism allows local residents to maintain their traditions and culture through tourist visits. In a nutshell, tourism allows a society to safeguard its cultural heritage, history and traditions. In addition, tourism has several benefits for the environment, and so one and so four.

What can we know about Japanese gastronomy?

It is well known that Japanese gastronomy is influenced by the culinary art of China. Like China, the main food in Japan are rice, seafood and soy. Apart from these, there are other foods that are prepared according to the Japanese culinary tradition. To help you know more about them, here is a post, which spreads out the characteristics of Japanese gastronomy.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine can still be called traditional Japanese cuisine. In Japanese language, it is called ''Nihon ryõri''. Indeed, traditional Japanese cuisine predates the Meiji era. Since then, it is characterised by foods such as rice, vegetables, noodles and seaweed. These are seasoned with some condiments. It should also be noted that meat is not part of traditional Japanese cooking. However, Japanese meals are often accompanied by small soups. The same is true for cured meats (tsukemono). In addition, foods such as rāmen, katsudon and fried tenpura are typical Japanese foods. Finally, it should be noted that Japanese gastronomy is not far from that of China. Like China, Japan also has its own specific cooking utensils. These are, of course, the cutting utensils.

The principles adapted to the table in Japan

When the Japanese are at the table, they practise some rules of politeness. Indeed, Japanese food is strictly consumed with chopsticks. Apart from some vegetables and fruits, it is strictly forbidden to eat other foods with the hand. Only chopsticks are allowed. And they must be kept in a proper manner. Moreover, to eat rice at the table in Japan, it must be placed on the left side, and the soup on the right side. Finally, it should be noted that Japanese gastronomy has several rules. Especially when it comes to eating at the table.

How to get a tourist card for Cuba?

You are a young student or professional and you like tourism or maybe you already practise it in your country. But in your passion, you have set yourself the goal of travelling around the world to expand your pool of discovery. In this article, you can find out how to get a tourist card giving access to Cuba.

All about the Cuban tourist card

Cuba is a country that only allows immigrants with a VISA to enter its territory. Thus for tourists, the tourist card serves as a VISA and gives them access. It is only issued to tourists of all categories. To obtain the tourist card, applicants have two options. After outlining the two options, it will be a question of how to proceed in each.

How to get one without getting in the way

Your tourist card constitutes for you the VISA entitling you to the country. As a reminder, Cuba is a country that conditions the entry of visitors to the provision of a VISA. So if you don't have one, it will be difficult to gain access to Cuba.
In general, there are two options that can help you get your card quickly. The first is to have your travel company do it for you. If you want to fly with an airline, they will take care of getting your tourist card. The second option is for those who travel by personal transport. That is, those who travel by their own means of transport. In this case, all you have to do is go with your passport and your plane ticket to the Cuban consulate in your country. There, you will be given a residence card for a cash fee of 22 euros. It is possible to buy your VISA and therefore your tourist card online. To renew your card in your destination country, simply go to the immigration office and follow the required procedure.

How to ski?

Skiing is a winter sport and can be done on snow or on the sea. Given the risks involved in this sport, it is important to know more about it so that you can do it better. This article presents you with techniques to practise Skiing well and especially to avoid the dangers.

Tricks to quickly learn how to ski

To begin with, you should look for balance on your skate by holding your pole in front of you. To move around, you can use the snowplough technique by moving around the piste and launching yourself at a slow speed while you gain balance and confidence. Once you have gained confidence with the skidding technique, you will increase the speed according to your preference. The support is taken on the outside foot, you must in all balance distribute all your weight on the front and on the middle of your skate shoe. Then, keep your back straight and your trunk slightly forward. With a little support on the top of your shoe, bend your knees slightly. This will allow you to make the movements and turns around the paper obstacles. To ensure accidents, you need to adopt certain behaviours.

Techniques reassuring safety when skiing

Safety in Skiing is essential. Because it is a sport on snow or sea, a mistake will be paid dearly. So to ensure your safety, always wear your helmet and always follow the signs. Always check to see if there are other skiers near you before you set off on a run. Always keep your pole very close to your body as it gives your body balance. If it is far from your body, if you get off balance you will create an incident with other players. So you should keep your stick close to your body. Especially to avoid collisions with other skiers, do not park in the middle of the piste.

Holidays in Dakar: Some Practical Information

Holidays are coming soon. Have you already visited Dakar? Well, if you want a change of scenery and want to enjoy the African environment, we suggest you take a trip to the Senegalese capital. But first, you should receive some information related to the tourist outing on Dakar.

Going to Dakar, what are the reasons that can drive?

Apart from being the capital of Senegal, a vast country located in the west of the African continent, Dakar constitutes the chief town of the area that bears the name. For some time now, Dakar has been an indispensable cultural and administrative centre. Further afield, the city of Dakar is home to the headquarters of the Francophone Institute of Black Africa, but also the central bank of all ECOWAS member countries. In Dakar, you will find a tropical sub-desert climate of the maritime type. These are some of the reasons that can lead to Dakar.

What are the places you can visit in Dakar?

In Dakar, you can walk around the national parks considered as the main ones, otherwise there are many. There are historical monuments that you cannot miss discovering: these are the Cathedral of African Remembrance and probably the presidential palace. Apart from these places, there are specific places to visit that will be unforgettable. So, a visit to the Slave House is a must. There is also the island of Gorée, the Pink Lake, the monument of the African Renaissance, the Theodore-Monod African Museum, the Sandaga market, the Madeleines and Ngor, cultural places not to be missed.

What to know before flying to Dakar

What is the best time to go to Dakar? You should travel to Dakar between December and February. This is the ideal time to enjoy all the places to visit. How to get there? Dakar is a city that welcomes all types of transport. It depends on where you are travelling from. Where can I stay in Dakar? There are international and local hotels that can provide you with accommodation. But there are rooms to rent, Airbnb rentals, hostels...
You should also plan your budget according to the time you will spend. Enjoy your trip to Dakar.

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