What are the economic and social benefits of tourism

The tourism sector, although it has this entertainment aspect, it is a source of income for the local economy, but also for the local population. Even for the tourist actors, they have their benefits in the visits.
Indeed, tourism, thanks to the multiple tourist activities on both sides, brings enormous wealth to the society. This wealth extends both economically and socially. However, this wealth is labour intensive. Let us discover together the economic and social benefits of tourism.

The economic benefits of tourism

The economy is a sector that links with several other areas. Generating more income comes through activities. So, when we take the tourism sector of a country, the economy explodes because of the tourism activities that bring in money. Thus, the economic benefits of tourism amount to several things such as
- Job creation: Thanks to tourism, several jobs are created such as tourist jobs (tourist guide, hotel staff, bus service, catering service...);
- The creation of tourist enterprises: these are the enterprises involved in tourist visits. They source local goods and products for trade. There is then the transport sector (cruise ships, taxis), the real estate sector (accommodation services), the culinary sector (restaurants, bars...);

The social benefits of tourism

Tourism has huge impacts on society too. It is not only the economic benefits. The social ones are admirable. Indeed, through tourism, society enjoys discovering its history, as well as their cultural heritage and it gathers development means for their own community identity. Also, tourism allows local residents to maintain their traditions and culture through tourist visits. In a nutshell, tourism allows a society to safeguard its cultural heritage, history and traditions. In addition, tourism has several benefits for the environment, and so one and so four.