How to get a tourist card for Cuba?

You are a young student or professional and you like tourism or maybe you already practise it in your country. But in your passion, you have set yourself the goal of travelling around the world to expand your pool of discovery. In this article, you can find out how to get a tourist card giving access to Cuba.

All about the Cuban tourist card

Cuba is a country that only allows immigrants with a VISA to enter its territory. Thus for tourists, the tourist card serves as a VISA and gives them access. It is only issued to tourists of all categories. To obtain the tourist card, applicants have two options. After outlining the two options, it will be a question of how to proceed in each.

How to get one without getting in the way

Your tourist card constitutes for you the VISA entitling you to the country. As a reminder, Cuba is a country that conditions the entry of visitors to the provision of a VISA. So if you don't have one, it will be difficult to gain access to Cuba.
In general, there are two options that can help you get your card quickly. The first is to have your travel company do it for you. If you want to fly with an airline, they will take care of getting your tourist card. The second option is for those who travel by personal transport. That is, those who travel by their own means of transport. In this case, all you have to do is go with your passport and your plane ticket to the Cuban consulate in your country. There, you will be given a residence card for a cash fee of 22 euros. It is possible to buy your VISA and therefore your tourist card online. To renew your card in your destination country, simply go to the immigration office and follow the required procedure.